Wizards of Warna Walk is a fantasy sitcom, the first long form series by The Walt Disney Company (South East Asia). It is a localized version of the Disney Channel show Wizards of Waverly Place.

The show centers on The D’Cruz Siblings – Alissa, Aiden, and Amelia – who are wizards-in-training, living with their parents, Norman and Jasmin, who own a restaurant in Warna Walk. In each episode, we see the siblings struggle with their everyday problems and other magical shenanigans, often behind their parents’ backs. But in the end, spending time running the restaurant is the bond that holds this quirky family together.

Screenshot from Episode 03 "Masalah di Muzium"
Screenshot from Episode 03 “Masalah di Muzium”
Screenshot from Episode 07 "Murtabak Magic"
Screenshot from Episode 07 “Murtabak Magic”

I wrote the adapted screenplays for 4 episodes:

Masalah di Muzium (Mayhem in the Museum) [Aired on Sept 13th 2019]
Murtabak Magic [Aired on Oct 11th 2019]
Pop Me and We Both Go Down [Aired on Oct 18th 2019]
Potion Pandemonium [Aired on Nov 1st 2019]

Besides writing the screenplays, I also did the subtitles, translations, and transcriptions for ALL 14 episodes of the show.

IMG_1337 2

I spent 2 months at Pinewood Iskandar Malaysia Studios for the filming of all 14 episodes. It was an experience like no other!

I was also in charge of recording the behind the scenes footages for the show’s “Magic Minutes” segment, where I wrote, produced, and directed.

Working with the lovely cast and crew is something that I’ll definitely cherish forever…!

Magic Minutes:
Behind The Scenes of WOWW

How to Survive A Horror Movie
BTS w/ Art Dept
Magical Origins: Picture Animation Spell
Prof. Zubir Interviews The Cast
Bloopers w/ The Cast
Bringing Mount Kerinci to Life
Crew Interview with Mia Sara and Miss Pimple
BTS “It’s All In The Family” Song
The Cast Play “Guess That Kuih!” Game
BTS w/ The Djinn
Magic Makeover
Behind The Magic Tikar
The Cast Hangs Out w/ The Mouseketeers