Here is the list of SERVICES that I offer:


I have experiences writing screenplays for projects like: Wizards of Warna Walk (2019), Magic Minutes: Behind the Scenes of ‘Wizards of Warna Walk’ (2019), and Batik Girl (2018). I’ve also script doctored a few projects, like 50 Lorek Mawar Merah (2013).

Content Production

With The R&D Studio, I’ve helped produce some corporate videos for companies like Touch ‘n Go and SIRIM QAS International.


I wrote the English subtitles for all 14 episodes of Wizards of Warna Walk (2019). The subtitles were used for the final broadcast.



I am bilingual, fluent in Malay and English.
I’ve helped translate dialogues from Malay to English for projects like Antara Pensel dan Jawapan (2014) as well as Wizards of Warna Walk (2019).


Besides writing the subtitles and translating Malay dialogues to English, I also helped write the transcriptions for all 14 episodes of Wizards of Warna Walk (2019) for Disney.

Outline Drawing

I’m no artist, but I can do some outline drawing for you! I use my iPad and the Procreate app to do outline drawing and other artwork. Check out my collection of Alexa Chung outline drawings below: